GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa  10*M

DOB: 5/25/06
American Alpine

LA 4-00  90 EEVE
LA 6-02  90 VEEE
LA 9-02  91 EEEV
LA 11-02  88  EEEV

Kansa (9yrs of age) - July 2015

Kansa - May 2012

Kansa joined our herd on a bit of a whim in 2009.  Kansa is long and as dairy as dairy can be!  We love the flat bone and open ribbing on this doe.  Typical of the Walnut-Fork herd, Kansa is still standing on strong feet and legs and still has a well attached, productive mammary at 9years of age.

Kansa is our strongest Alpine doe showing extreme dairy strength and a long, level topline.  We have 3 of her daughters in our herd now: Kaya, Kira, and Kelsa.

Kansa did not settle in 2017/2018, sadly, we have retired her from breeding and she will live out her days with our herd.  Its a well deserved retirement.

Show Record
2011 - 1x2nd, 1xRGCH (1 time shown)
2012 - 7x1st, 1x2nd, 4xGCH, 6xBOB, 1xBDIS, 1xRGCH (8xshown)
2013 - 4xBOB (5 times shown)

          GrandSire: SG Redwood Hills Acclaim Pendragon ++*B
Sire:  SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault  +*B  LA 90
          GrandDam: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Sedric Stiletto LA 91

          GrandSire: Clovertop Samurai ++*B
Dam: GCH Walnut Fork Sam Kira 9*M LA 6-03 92 EEVE
           GrandDam: GCH Walnut Fork S. Kalamata 8*M  LA 8-02 91 EEEE


Kansa's Rear Udder - May 2012


Kansa - May 2012
Milked out for BDIS Lineup

SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault

GCH Walnut Fork Sam Kira 9*M
Photos courtesy of Walnut-Fork Alpines.

  CH Kori-Brook Dynasty Hendricks 

DOB: 3/30/08
American Alpine


LA 2-02  88 VEVV
LA 4-04  90 VEVE
LA 7-04  88  +EVE

Henny - July 2014

A daughter from Josh’s first grade Alpine, Henny shows a lot of the Alpine attitude. She is very dairy and cut high into the escutcheon. She was our highest appraising Alpine kid in 2008. 

As a 5 year old, 5th freshener, we are very pleased with Henny's mammary this year.  She is high and wide in the rear with perfect blending of the mammary into the body.  Her sire definitely improved the udder shape, texture, teat size and teat placement over Henny's dam. 

Henny was selected as Miss Pennsylvania at the 2012 PDGA Big Weekend!!

Henny is our first homebred Alpine Champion -- we couldn't be happier!!! 

Show Record
2009 - 8x1st, 2x2nd (10 times shown)
2010 - 2xReserve Champion (2 times shown)
2011 - 1x1st, 2x2nd, 1xGrand, 2xReserve Grand ( 3 times shown)
2012 -  3x1st, 3x2nd, 2x3rd (8xshown)

          GrandSire:  Goldenbrooke WRWC Regis
Sire:  Goldenbrooke Hope’s Dynasty *B
           GrandDam:  GCH Brandt’s Brite Hope  1*M LA 92

           GrandSire:  Huny*Du*Acre Jazzman
Dam:  Paps Place Hannah LA 87
            GrandDam:  ARS Country Acres RCRL Sandy

Henny - May 2012

Henny - Rear Udder
May 2012


CH Kori-Brook WFG Crazy Kaya

DOB: 2/24/10
American Alpine


LA 2-05  86 VV+E
LA 5-05  89 VEVE
LA 7-05  89 VEEE
LA 8-07  91 EEEE

Kaya pictured July 2015

Kaya pictured May 2014

We were, to be honest, quite disappointed when Kansa only gave us a single doe kid in 2010.  However, this little crazy girl has quickly stolen Josh's heart and was the only Alpine doe kid retained that year.

Kaya made the trip to Louisville for the 2010 ADGA Nationals where she placed 20th in the Senior Kid class. At the 2016 ADGA National Show in Harrisburg, Kaya placed 14th in the 5&6yr old class. 

Kaya is extremely correct and dairy with a beautiful rounded escutcheon.  She has a high, wide rear udder with a smoothly blended fore udder.  We are so excited to watch this doe mature! 

Kaya placed 10th in a very competitive Aged doe class at the 2018 ADGA National Show.

Kaya has been bred to Redwood Hills Performance Rico

Show Record
2011 - 3x1st (3 times shown)
2012 - 7x1st, 1x2nd, 1xGCH, 1xRGCH (8 times shown)

             GrandSire: SG Walnut-Fork Sedric Kabul *B
Sire:  Walnut-Fork Goosebump *B
           GrandDam: SGCH Walnut-Fork Sedric Gooseberry 11*M LA 5-05 91 EEEE
                                2010 Nationals 10th in the 5 - 6 yr old class

           GrandSire:  SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault  +*B  LA 90
Dam:  GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa 10*M  LA 90
           GrandDam:  GCH Walnut Fork Sam Kira 9*M LA 6-03 92 EEVE


Kaya - May 2011


Kaya Rear Udder
May 2012

CH Kori-Brook Kaze Henley

DOB: 2/17/2013
American Alpine

LA 2-05  86  VVVV
LA 4-05  91  EEEE

Henley, pictured July 2017

Another Kaze daughter, we love this doe's carefree, independent personality.

Henley freshened with a very high, wide rear udder and a very pleasing shape to her mammary.  We love her length of bone and levelness over the topline. 

We were very excited to receive a championship letter for Henley.  We hadn't even realized that she had earned her third leg!
In 2017, we were thrilled when Henley scored a 91!!!  Not too shabby for the doe that almost went on a shipment to the Middle East as a bred yearling!
Henley graced us with a cou blanc doe kid in 2018.
Henley placed 6th in the 5 & 6yr old class at the 2018 ADGA National Show.
We have bred Henley AI to 2 separate bucks (the ultimate "double dipping").  We plan to retain all kids, however, a second buck could be available to the right home.

Show Record
2014 - 3x1st, 2x2nd, 1xRGCH (5 times shown)

         GrandSire: Redwood Hills Ember Sierra +*B
         (paternal brother to SGCH Redwood Hills Ember Amicale 8*M)
Sire: CH Kori-Brook Sierra Kamikaze
         GrandDam: GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa 10*M LA 90

         GrandSire: Goldenbrooke Hope’s Dynasty *B
Dam: CH Kori-Brook Dynasty Hendricks LA 90
         GrandDam: Paps Place Hannah LA 87



July 2016

Henley's dam, Hendricks
May 2012



Kori-Brook Jericho Kira

DOB:  5/4/2014

LA 3-02  87  VVEV

Kira, pictured July 2017

Kira was our standout yearling and easily earned her dry leg.  She freshened in 2016 with a single doe kid and thus lacked the capacity needed to be very competitive in the show ring.  The size, depth and power this doe displays is striking!  She just needs some added capacity to complete the package.

Kira finished her championship in 2019 with very limited showing.

Kira was selected as Grand Champion and BOB at the 2020 PA Farm Show!

          GrandSire:  Colquitt's Sebastian

Sire:  Redwood Hills Jericho

          GrandDam:  Redwood Hills Lance Julip  LA  3-04  91

          GrandSire:  SG One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault +*B  LA 90

Dam:  GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa  10*M

          GrandDam:  SGCH Walnut-Fork SAM Kira 9*M

Kira, pictured in June 2016

Redwood Hills Jericho

GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa  10*M


Kori-Brook Kairo Boise

DOB: 2/22/2015
American Alpine

LA 2-05  85  V+VV

Boise, pictured July 2017 (fresh since November 2016)

We've admired Boise's overall correctness, length and style since she was born. 
She freshened in November of 2016 with a lovely mammary.  In 2017, we again freshened her in late fall/early winter.  We will be freshening her in Spring 2018 and hope to finally get her in the show ring.  We love the beautiful topline and rump on this doe.
Boise had a bad kidding in 2019 and required a c-section, but we were very fortunate that she and both kids survived.  Her c-section baby, Bronwyn, has been retained.
Boise was selected as Reserve Grand Champion at the 2020 PA Farm Show.
   GrandSire: Tempo Aquila Freelance
Sire: Kori-Brook Lance Kairo
         GrandDam: CH Kori-Brook WFG Crazy Kaya

          GrandSire:  Walnut-Fork Sedric Kabul *B  LA 90
Dam:  CH Walnut-Fork Kabul Brooklyn LA 91
           GrandDam:  SGCH Walnut Fork Distracted Issues 10*M LA 6-05 92 EEEE

CH Walnut-Fork Kabul Brooklyn

Kori-Brook Phelon Kayenne

(CH Kori-Brook Jericho Kira x Amy's Pride Prime Phelon)

Kayenne is very similar in style to her dam, Kira, right down to the same cantakerous, bossy attitude.  I've been after Josh to sell Kayenne because I have serious issues with the bossy Alpines but so far he's resisted.  Hopefully, Kayenne follows through and freshens with a pretty mammary.  She's been bred to Rico.

Kayenne was selected as Junior Champion at the 2020 PA Farm Show.

Kori-Brook Chance Hiccup

(CH Kori-Brook Kaze Henley x Cherry Glen Chance Gordon)

We needed a buck to use and our good friend Kris Trowbridge got us connected to lease Cherry Glen Chance Gordon.  We were initially disappointed when Henley only had a single doe kid, but we are very happy with her.  She was very long legged and gangly but has really developed over the summer.  We're hoping for an excellent mammary just like her dam.

CH Kori-Brook Kaze Henley




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