GCH Sparkling Acres Rae of Hope  4*M 

LA  6-05  89  VEEE

DOB: 2/15/06


Hope pictured as a 5th freshening 5yr old
May 2011

For the longest time, my mother talked about adding an Oberhasli to the herd.  I continually balked at the idea of adding a Swiss anything to the herd, however I ultimately gave in.  After a LONG search, we were so pleased to order a doe kid from the Sparkling Acres herd in New Jersey.  Hope's arrival to our farm in 2006 was indeed the start of something great, and I cannot thank the Von Thuns enough for allowing Hope (the last Kiara daughter!) to come to PA.  Hopie is the foundation of the Oberhasli portion of our herd. As I had been warned by the Von Thun family, I have become totally hooked by these special dairy goats.
Hope dazzled us as a yearling milker, finishing her CH from the AOP class where she competed (and won!!) against both Saanens and Alpines. She continued to amaze us in 2008 winning several BOB awards and being in contention for BDIS with our own fabulous Cori. She placed 13th in a HUGE 2yr old class at the Louisville Nationals in 2008. Hope is a beloved, shining star here at our farm and we hope she will grace us with doe kids in the future!  

Hope is now retired.

Show Record
2009   7xBOB  (out of 10 times shown)
2010   9xBOB  (out of 9 times shown)

2008   2nd place 2yr old
2010   3rd place 4yr old with 2nd udder
2011   5th place 5yr old

Hope - Rear Udder
May 2011

         GrandSire: *B Tonka-Tails Lord Paddington
Sire: *B Tonka-Tails Highland Regiment 90 EEE
          GrandDam: Tonka-Tails Lady Nicollette VG85

          GrandSire: +*B Windrace Farm Shadow Magic Jaz VG89
Dam: GCH Sparkling Acres Kiara Twist LA  5-06 89 VVEV 
          2001 & 2002 All-American Doe
          GrandDam: GCH Windrace Farm Jingle Sparkles 2*M VG89

Hope - May 2010


LA Session - May 2010

Kori-Brook Rising Phoenix

DOB: 3/10/2013

Ok, so maybe this isn't an Ober, but we needed to post this pretty girl somewhere!  This is our first Togg to carry the Kori-Brook name.  Many years ago, Josh won a Togg kid in the PDGA kid raffle, Betty's Acres J Deeane.  He then showed the kid that afternoon in the Junior Doe show where she was selected Junior Champion and Best Junior Doe in Show.  Sadly, Deeane tested positive for CAE so she could not be brought to my herd when Josh & I married.  Instead, Deeane lives on Josh's grandparents farm down the valley.  Josh has longed for a daughter out of Deeane.  In 2013, his dream finally came true when Phoenix was born.  This doe kid is everything we could have hoped for when we carefully planned this breeding.  She's long, wide with extreme dairy character and is cut high and wide in the escutcheon.  Phoenix easily earned her dry leg at her first show! 

Phoenix has matured into a beautiful doe being wide and deep and excelling in dairy strength.  Her udder is capacious and productive with wonderful attachement.  Phoenix appraised 89 as a first freshening 2yr old.  To say we are pleased with this doe is an understatement!

Phoenix easily finished her championship in 2016 as a second freshening 3yr old.  Phoenix also was 5th place 3yr old at the 2016 National show.

          GrandSire: SGCH Sunkissed Razzddw Whinchezter  LA 92
                               2001 & 2004 National Premier Sire

Sire: Welbian-Farms Whin's Badger  LA 90

         GrandDam: SGCH Welbian-Farms Whin's Madison  LA 93
                              2004 National Champion & Best Udder
                              2007 National Reserve Champion

        GrandSire: Starfire's DCCR Jack Daniels

Dam: Betty's Acres J Deeane  LA 90

GrandDam: GCH Betty's Acres Kershaw Dianthus LA 90

Phoenix Rear Udder

June 2016


Kori-Brook Hope's Jersey Girl

DOB: 2/27/15

Jersey pictured July 2015

Jersey was actually sold as a kid.  But then was returned to us.  Then I tried to sell her again, but the buyer never followed through.  Somewhere along the line, Peyton claimed Jersey as her own and after losing her beloved, Rain, we decided to allow Peyton to keep Jersey.

Jersey is very similar to her dam Hope.

          GrandSire: CH Tonka-Tails Tipperary Prince  *B
Sire: CH Kori-Brook Sweeten' the Deal
  CH Sparkling Acres Sweet Surrender         

           GrandSire: *B Tonka-Tails Highland Regiment 90 EEE
Dam: GCH Sparkling Acres Rae of Hope  LA 89
          GrandDam: GCH Sparkling Acres Kiara Twist LA 5-06 89
          2001 & 2002 All-American Doe

GCH Sparkling Acres Rae of Hope

CH Kori-Brook Sweeten' the Deal

McGraw's Caprice's Effie

McGraw's Konstantine's Ophelia

Kori-Brook Stuck on You

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