Thank you for your interest in our herd of Nubians, Alpines and Oberhaslis. We maintain a small herd for our family enjoyment in the famous Happy Valley of Central Pennsylvania.  Our herd began, like so many other great herds, as a 4-H project. Our original grade doe laid the foundation for a great Nubian herd. It was this American line, that produced our most famous doe, SGCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon 1*M.

SGCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon 1*M
2006 ADGA National Champion and Reserve Best Udder

Cori was a 2nd generation American Nubian. She achieved so many of the goals that I had set for myself as an eager, young 4-Her. The following is a list of Cori's achievements:

    • appraise Excellent 92 at 10 years of age

    • selected Miss Pennsylvania (sponsored by the PDGA)

    • awarded TWO Certificates of Excellence from the PDGA

    • awarded a Supreme Achievement Award from the PDGA

    • 17 x Best of Breed

    • 11 x Best in Show, with 9 of those wins coming after 9 years of age

    • our first milker to win her class at Nationals (1st placed Aged doe – 2006 Nationals)

    • and finally, her greatest achievement was when she was selected as the 2006 ADGA National Champion with Reserve Best Udder at 9 years of age


Cori was a once in a lifetime goat and she was my best friend. She rocked the dairy goat world in 2006 and I am just grateful that she took us along for the ride. The current Nubians are either descended from Cori or from Cori's paternal ½ sister, SGCH Dancers-Ridge Vinnie Madelyn 1*M.  Both Cori and Madelyn provided us with unbelievable accomplishments both at the local and national level.

In 2015, we began testing the Nubian portion of our herd for the G6S mutation as more and more buyers were asking about the status of our herd.  We are happy to announce that as of Dec 2016, ALL our Nubians are either tested Normal or are Normal by parentage. 

The Alpine portion of the herd is based mainly on the Walnut Fork herd of West Virginia. We are now using AI to add in some of the lovely Redwood Hills and Tempo Aquila genetics from the west coast.  While not as well known as their Nubian herdmates, the Alpine does are forging ahead with several Grand Champion and Best of Breed wins. In 2012, we brought home our very first Best in Show with GCH Walnut-Fork Sault Kansa.  CH Kori-Brook Jericho Kira, a Kansa daughter, was Grand and BOB Alpine at the 2020 PA Farm Show

In 2015 made the difficult decision to sell off the small Oberhasli portion of the herd.    We thoroughly enjoyed our Obers, however, we decided to cut the Obers and focus on our other breeds.  We were finding that 4 breeds were just too much to maintain.  However, the sale fell through on Jersey Girl and our daughter, Peyton, developed a deep attachment to the little, tolerant Ober doe kid.  And so our Oberhasli adventure will continue thanks to our daughter's love for that little doe. 

Before combining herds, Josh had started an adventure into Toggenburgs with a raffle doe kid.  This doe proved to be a great starter doe, Betty's Acres J Deeane appraised 90 at 4 years of age.  Sadly, Deeane is CAE positive and therefore does not reside at our farm.  She lives at a family member's farm and we are lucky enough to have settled her AI.  In 2013, we welcomed our first Toggenburg doe kid from Deeane, Kori-Brook Rising Phoenix.  That kid, now a milking 6yr old,  is the foundation of the Toggenburg portion of our herd.  Phoenix is an exciting doe and we have 2 of her daughters to our herd. She has 3 sons working in other herds with great success.  In 2017, we added a 2 Toggs from a local 4-Her to expand out Toggenburg herd.  One of those does, McGraw's Konstantine's Ophelia, was selected as Grand and BOB at the 2020 PA Farm Show. In fact, our little Togg herd won Junior Champion, Reserve Jr Champion, Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, and BOB at the 2020 Farm Show.

CH Kori-Brook Rising Phoenix

The health of our animals is a priority. Since 1997, our kids have been raised on a CAE prevention program and all animals are tested annually (prior to kidding) for CAE.  Fortunately, we have had wonderful success in eradicating CAE from our herd and have not had a positive test in our does that have been raised on our meticulous program. All our does are ultrasounded to confirm pregnancy 20 to 40 days after breeding.  Our does are dewormed only as needed based on fecal testing and by the advice of our veterinarian. All bucks are vaccinated in late summer with CDT and MuSe (or Multimin) in anticipation of breeding season. All bred does receive their injections of CDT and MuSe (or Multimin) 4 to 6 weeks prior to kidding to insure quality colostrum and healthy kids. We are free of sore mouth and caseous lymphadenitis. Our herd is protected from human and animal predators by our livestock guardian dog, Knox.

To reserve the kid of your choice, a $100 deposit is required with the remaining balance due within 14 days of notification of birth. If arrangements are not made and balance has not been paid within 14 days, the deposit will be forfeited and the kid will be offered to the next person in line. Prices quoted on this site are for pre-ordered kids only.  Orders will be on a first come, first serve basis. If your choice is not born and you do not wish to transfer your deposit to another selection, we will refund your deposit. No refunds on canceled orders. All testing and shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

All buck sales will be subject to our final approval when the kid is born. We will not sell a buck that we would not keep in our own herd as a breeding buck. We do sell our bucks with the right to purchase 20 straws of semen at the cost of collection. Additionally, we do reserve the right to retain any kid previously reserved, if and only if, something unforeseen has occurred during the kidding season (ie death/injury of a dam or sibling). We will not pull a reserved kid from the buyer simply because we like the kid. That just isn’t how we do business. We want our animals to excel in your herd and for you to be pleased with your purchases.


Please take a look around -- we try to keep the site as updated as possible. 
Thank you for your interest in our herd and for visiting our site!

Quad AI Doe Kids!!  March 2007

Joshua Cox and Lennie Rae Vangorder, VMD
2216 Upper Brush Valley Road
Centre Hall, PA  16828
(814) 574-7324 or (814) 574-7500

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